RIP Fractional Reserve Banking

We shine a light on the greatest deception in the history of mankind. Join with us and help us expose it to the common man and bring an end to the theft of trillions!

Objectives 3rd July 2017

Those that control modern banking are the most powerful people in the world. By controlling money supply and the media they can manipulate governments, create limitless debt for citizens, restrict competition and inflict war and death on the world - all in pursuit of more power and wealth. Private central banks together with the global investment banks are at the top of this corrupt pyramid. Our aim is to bring this empire to its knees!

BackGround 3rd July 2017

What is freedom? Do you consider yourself free? Do we live in a free world? Here we list the barriers we face to true freedom and look forward to creating a society where our children can grow up without the bonds of debt and where education is based on facts. A world where politicians put the people first and corporate greed and influence is banished.

The Vision 3rd July 2017

Why is there a globalist movement? Whose interests does globalism serve? We look at the facts and the real reasons that our corrupt corporations pull the strings of their political puppets to pursue globalism. Make up your own mind and then work with us to remove this cancer from our world. For it serves neither the peoples of developed nations nor those of emerging and third world countries.